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You selected the issue: Floor position is too high or low

Your floor position is measured during Room Setup. It may change suddenly if your base stations change position.

Re-run Room Setup
Launch SteamVR and go to SteamVR > Run Room Setup.

On the floor calibration stage, try placing your controllers down with the triggers facing the ceiling to prevent wobbling. If your floor is a particularly reflective surface, try placing something flat and non-reflective under each controller.

You can also do a quick calibration through the SteamVR settings menu. You'll find this under Settings > Developer > Room and Tracking.
Update old firmware
If any of your devices have available firmware updates, right-click the device on the SteamVR console and update the firmware.

You should always let pending firmware updates fully complete after being started. It is important to never unplug your Vive components or interrupt a firmware update in progress.