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Kendala: Games don't launch in headset

Do the following when games are displayed on your desktop monitor, but not inside the headset.

Remove special characters from Windows username
Remove special characters (i.e. non-ASCII, */@ etc.) from Windows username, or create a new Windows user account without special characters.
Check video port functionality and GPU connection
Make sure of two things:
  1. Both your main monitor and your Link Box are plugged into the same GPU
  2. Both your main monitor and your Link Box are plugged into functioning ports

In most cases, video ports that are side by side on your PC access the same GPU.

If you believe that the above are true, try:

  • Using different ports of the same data type for each device (e.g. change Link Box HDMI cable from one HDMI port to a different HDMI port)
  • Using a mini DisplayPort/DisplayPort cable or HDMI/DisplayPort adapter to plug the Link Box into your computer if the ports you regularly use are not detecting the device.
  • Using a DVI or DisplayPort cable instead of HDMI, or vice versa.