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Bantuan Steam
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Seret dan lepas file-nya ke sini untuk melampirkannya ke permintaanmu
Langkah ke-1
Please attach a SteamVR system report.

  • From your desktop, start SteamVR
  • Make sure that your VR devices are connected to the host computer and their power sources.
  • If possible, make sure your controllers are powered on and paired.
  • In the SteamVR window, select the SteamVR drop-down menu
  • Select Create System Report
  • Select Save to File in the bottom right of the screen
  • Attach the file to your ticket
Langkah ke-2
Mohon gunakan Steam Client atau perbarui peramban webmu jika kamu ingin melampirkan file atau screenshot ke permintaan bantuanmu.
Cari file yang akan dilampirkan atau seret dan lepas file-nya ke sini.