Bantuan Steam
Terjadi kesalahan saat menangani permintaanmu. Mohon tunggu selama beberapa menit dan coba lagi.
Bantuan Steam
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Kendala: System button lights up but doesn't control anything

Your Steam Controller may be paired to a different device (another computer or Steam Link).

Remove batteries and connect with micro-USB cable
Remove the batteries and plug the Steam Controller into your computer's USB 2.0 port using the micro-USB cable.
If one USB port doesn't work, try a different one.
Pair to a different source wirelessly
If you have paired your Steam Controller to multiple devices wirelessly, it may be paired with a device that isn't in use.

  1. Plug your wireless USB dongle into the desired device
  2. Turn off your Steam Controller
  3. Hold (A) and press the Steam button to switch devices